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We are glad you found your way to us.

If you visited our site, you already know we exist to help software companies accelerate and scale.

I have had the opportunity to be a part of multiple software companies over my career. It is always a place of ideas, smart people, and the excitement of growing. Those types of companies and their atmosphere bring with them their own unique opportunities and challenges.

We all look for ways to shorten the learning curve or gain a competitive advantage. The way that can be accomplished are different, but they often come down to experience, resources, and time.

As some of you may be facing, there are always questions. How do we get traction? How fast should we grow? Do we have the key talent we need? Can we afford them? Will we scale fast enough to not just grow, but create a sustainable company with long term profits? How should we be thinking about funding? Do we have the team and skills to make it all work?

That is why we are here. We believe the best way to increase the speed of learning and decrease the headwinds is to leverage experts that care. First, they care about you. They want to understand your “why” with what you are trying to accomplish.

Values matter. The reason your company exists matters. Having help that is aligned with those matter.

Sometimes you simply need a small bit of help, a nudge, an unbiased set of ears. Other times, you might need someone to help, walk along side, and develop or enhance strategies to help you grow. Often, the greatest ideas and outcomes come when people with common objectives simply take the time to work on the hard questions together.

We know you are smart, and likely have some great people on your team. Think of our approach as a way to flex that team’s time, capacity, and learning to help you where you want to go faster.

Our approach is a bit different. We believe there is power in a “master-mind” group with different experiences and expertise. Having a different perspective provides different lenses, which can change the way we see a challenge or opportunity.

We don’t believe in a cookie cutter formula or approach. Timing, circumstances, and objectives are all part of a puzzle that needs to fit together to really work. Often our biggest constraint is having the resources and time to get things to the next level.

We always look to help first. If we don’t believe we can or we are not the right values fit we will tell you. It is part of our values, transparency.

If this is resonating, you came to the right place. We look forward to the opportunity to talk and start a relationship with you.

Mike Carow

CEO & Founder

Mike Carow Scale With Experts
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