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Project Based: What if you need help but are not sure where the best place is to start. Or what if idea of a Fractional CXO sounds good, but you want to ensure the right fit starting with a smaller here and now need that can be broken down into a project. Projects and their scope vary, but this is often a way to achieve a specific finite outcome to help the business take needed steps.

Another scenario for a project-based approach can comes when companies grow, launch new products, and venture into new markets. The current team is often maxed out and has a short term need to carry out these big initiatives. Your management teams can draw on specific expertise and capabilities with project-based executives, who jump into a company until a project is brought to completion.

What does a project based CXO do?

  • Provide an experienced resource to add bandwidth to the management team or initiative
  • Identify new or additional opportunities that can drive business results
  • Manage obstacles and gaps as needed for execution

What does an project based CXO bring:

  • Access to top experts to accelerate results
  • Ability to scale your team for a specific initiative
  • A faster path to completing you near term initiative
Project Based Consulting

What questions can help determine if a project based CXO is the right option?

  • What is a key initiative that we are either delaying or is stalled?
  • How does current team match up with what’s needed for future progress?
  • Has your team had the time to strategically review the options and approach?

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