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Fractional Services

CRO, CMO, COO: What are C-Level Fractional Services?

A Fractional CXO is an executive to help with in the area or subject matter that is most important to help advance your business objectives. These can range from CRO (Chief Revenue Officer), CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), COO (Chief Operating Officer), or CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

A CXO brings a hands-on approach to help develop and execute an in-depth strategy for your business. Your company gets executive experience without the full-time cost. Fully invested in the success, your Fractional CXO applies decades of experience to accelerate your results and help you scale, while gain a return on your investment.

The first step with your Fractional CXO will be to assess your current business goals, market conditions, company strengths and opportunities. From there, they will collaborate with you and your team on the execution plan. 

A Fractional CXO plays a focal role within your company. They provide leadership and direction, working hands with your team to make the adjustments to enable you to accelerate and scale. They work with the team to implement your updated strategies, help overcome roadblocks, and capitalize on opportunities.

If you’re evaluating a fractional CXO, you’re likely comparing the cost to a full-time hire. The trade-off usually comes down to leveraging a strategic senior executive on a fractional basis versus hiring a full time more junior director or manager. So, why would a company choose tractional fractional? It comes down to the experience and value that can be brought to your business.

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A fractional CXO’s role is to get in, get things moving, then move on. The expense for the role is not on-going, but when done correctly, gives you the strategic impact into the future.

What does a fractional CXO do?

  • Provide a focused resource to drive the important work on the business
  • Identify opportunities and obstacles holding back your results
  • Leverage market information and data to enhance your vision and turn them into actionable strategies
  • Solidify needs or gap that may be in your team, slowing down growth or funding
  • Deliver versatility to easily move from the strategic to nuts-and bolts execution

What does an fractional CXO bring:

  • An unbiased ear and voice to help you achieve your goals
  • Access to top experts without the expense and commitment of a full executive hire
  • Ability to scale at key growth points within your team
  • A faster path to accelerate your business results

What questions can help determine if a fractional CXO is the right option?

  • Do you have time and resources to focus clearly on the business drivers necessary for success?
  • Is your plan clear, and is the team aligned?
  • Are you stuck or hitting a barrier in your growth?
  • Do you have the right data to enable good decisions?
  • Do you have adequate funding for fueling your planned growth?

To learn more about how a Fractional CXO can help you accelerate your business results, click here.

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