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What We Bring to The Table

We bring experienced executives, a network of resources, and curiosity to tackle the challenges holding your software business back.

We believe that there has been a fundamental shift in how work gets done. In the past, we were bound much more by geography, and subsequently key skills in given geographies were often hard to source and keep.

The “gig economy” has been around for a while. It has and will continue to evolve. We are now seeing highly experienced, skilled resources being brought together in non-traditional ways. While this has been done in some cases for coding and other skills, we believe a competitive advantage comes from tapping into the best ideas and skills.

A Proven Approach Adopted to Business

The Mayo Clinic built its reputation on bringing together teams of the people, from various disciplines, to understand and treat the whole patient. We believe that same model should be applied to software companies that are trying to scale and grow.

Team dynamics such as these are different. It takes a different approach, which leverages humility, working alongside others, and joint learning. This process takes a mental discipline and framework that was designed to take a diverse set of people, their knowledge, skills, and ideas to come to the best approach.

An "Us" Based Answer

We also understand that, based on where a software company is in its growth, tapping into this type of resource and experience can sound expensive or daunting. Again, this is where our approach is different.

Unlike larger firms, we are uniquely flexible in both engagement and compensation. We approach an engagement first with understanding your “why “and focusing on the true needs. We then focus on who will be involved and how to objectively measure success before determining how the engagement should look.

Flexible Engagements

Once we understand the need and objectives, we move to how the engagement can work. This can be project, interim, or fractional. We are sensitive to where you are in your revenue, cost, and profit cycle to find the best approach with a mutual outcome. It is a value-based approach that can be achieved in a variety of ways, which may include a project-based fee, a retainer, a contingent percentage of outcome or even equity. It all depends on the value, needs, and lifecycle.

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