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A key to capturing and retaining the value of your software, technology, or services is execution. As companies begin to grow, the need for focus, alignment, and teamwork become even more critical.

One way to understand execution is on the three dimensions of quality, time, and costs. If you ask your customers about these three dimensions, how they would rate you from high to low on each? How does that measure match your strategy?

Your rate and  length of retention of your customers is one way your customers’ “vote”. Another is the level of price compression you may be seeing when that customer is up for renewal. Understanding what these numbers are telling you is a great step in determining if you have “value leakage” in your operations.

Value Leakage

Figure 1. Key areas in which we leak value (based on ideas from the Business Relationship Management Institute)

Credit: EDUCAUSE Review

Internally, the way your teams work with each other will also play into how the market views your abilities. In fast moving companies, it is very common for initiatives to start and can conflict with each other.  This can leave employees frustrated and customers puzzled.

While there are a number of factors leading to this situation, many of the answers come from how your teams set priorities and how they measure their success. It comes down to getting clear on what measures are leading indicators and which ones matter. Too many measures, and you drown in data. The wrong measures will tell you too late if you have a problem.

If you want to learn more about identifying the questions, metrics, and process to help you retain the most value, click here. 

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