Mike Carow, Founder & CEO

For: Owners or CEO of a software or tech business looking to accelerate or scale. Are you able to focus on what you do best?

If you feel buried, trying to find time to focus, struggling to regain work-life balance, needing more horsepower to get critical path items done, or feel stuck in your growth, you are not alone.

Your Journey’s Challenge:

The journey you are on includes your mission, team, the market, your customers, visibility, and delivering the value of the problem you solve. Journey’s need road maps, clear routes, and sometime a guide that has been there to help you see things you may or would not have seen.

What’s Different?

Mike has had the unique opportunity to be “tapped on the shoulder” by others, developing a diverse set of experiences. He has “jumped in” with teams to solve challenging business problems, execute solutions, and get measurable results. He has become a trusted guide who looks to identify, equip, execute, and then go to help others in the next new challenge.

Diverse Software Experiences:

His journeys include solving challenges in software and service environments including payments, demand generation technology, marketing automation, loyalty, internet research automation, data security, telecom, and trust accounting.

Areas of Focus:

He has acted in both visionary and integrator roles, using these different lenses. Areas of expertise include:

ACCELERATION AND SCALING: Hands-on market focused strategy to scale and accelerate growth.

REVENUE EXPANSION: Developing both short and long-term revenue opportunities.

OPERATIONAL EXECUTION: Delivering consistent value to both external and internal customers.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Innovating and resourcing the team to bring products to launch.

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Leveraging technology and process to expand demand generation.

FUNDING/INVESTMENT: Ensuring readiness to take investor cash and execution.

What’s next?

Can I help you? The only way for either of us to know is start a conversation, explore, and we can go from there. Let’s connect!

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